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I laughed. I cried. I was joyous. I was distraught. All today while reading “A Familiar Rain”

~ Dennise Sleeper


A Familiar Rain by John Geddes is a great read for the broken-hearted, filled with mourning and memories. Also an academic novel about U of T.

~ Jonathan Allan

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John Geddes has created a Masterful Novel

Oh my, I can’t say enough about this masterpiece. A real achievement in writing. A glowing story with affluent characters. This is writing by a seasoned Author. Powerful storytelling. Flawless.

~ Glen Cantrell (Author, California)


A gentle romance

I am not very keen on modern romances, but this one is definitely worth a look. The pain of parting with a beloved partner is sometimes held past its usefulness. If the author is not familiar with the ramifications, he makes a good fist of winging it!
Definitely one romance readers should not pass up.

~ Kathleen McDicken


Join Alex, Abbey, Laura, Len in the Lab where they meet the original Riddler – Heraclitus

“No man ever steps in the same river twice”. Heraclitus. A Familiar Rain explores the premise of memory travel to the past. Alex and the Lab team discover a drug called mnemontine which allows a person to relive a memory exactly as it happened. They work on a technique called cerebrography for regressing their subjects and stimulating their brains. Would you relive the moments with your long-dead love if you could? And if we can relive memories at will, are they truly memories? or do they become something else.

There is a romance down there in the cerebellum and a thriller too: a race to get the research done before the CIA and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police get hold of the papers. Then there is a femme fatale trying to steal the research notes, too.

Who is the shadowy stranger stalking Abbey?

I enjoyed this book very much and it certainly raises many interesting questions.

~ Leila Smith


Unique Plot – A Familiar Rain is Engaging

I finished reading “A Familiar Rain” at 4:00 AM. I had to know how the story ended. The characters had become important to me. The author presented Alex, Abbey, and Len as fully developed, realistic people. The plot was engaging, romantic, and mysterious. Yet, it, too, was realistic. Having spent time in academia, I could identify with the daily events. Not only would I recommend this book but I am hoping that Geddes will continue the story by writing a sequel.

~ Mollie


I’d like to see this story on film!

I absolutely enjoyed this book. Who wouldn’t want to go back in time to call on a favorite memory, even for just a brief visit? I would. I can think of many times and places that I’d want to re experience – sight, sound, taste, feel. This concept of applying neurotoxins and electro therapy to the brain to stimulate a regression of memories is very unique – time travel through the mind.

The setting is Toronto in the early 70’s. The details of the sights and sounds and inner workings of this well known university are intimately described by the author – I felt as though I was there. Other landmarks such as the Park Plaza Hotel and small towns bring a reality to this fictional story. There are several plots – a little mystery, conspiracy, love, politics. The pace is good – I wanted to finish in one sitting.

I loved the characters and feel. This is one of those novels where you miss the characters when you are finished reading. Maybe I’ll have to travel through my mind to revisit them….

This story would make an amazing movie.

~ Maeve McDonnell


A Good Read!

The story told in this book is based on a very interesting scientific hypothesis. The idea is that the protagonist is able to create a drug that will allow him to relive past events as if they were real. He wants to relive all of the wonderful moments he had with his wife, now deceased.

A story of intrigue and new romance swirls around this basic framework. The plot thickens as it unfolds. In the end, all tag ends are cleared up in a satisfying if not unpredictable way. This novel is a brisk and entertaining read. Acquire it if you like a good story well told.

~ The Chatty Raconteur


What an interesting question

What an interesting question: do you want to relive (not just remember) emotions you felt in the past? I guess nobody can really answer that question unless they had the opportunity to experience it. I don’t know whether this will be possible through medication and brain wave mapping one day. But the story makes you wonder.
The story is entertaining, heartwarming and thought provoking, spiced with romance, thrill and philosophical ponderings.
I enjoyed all its aspects and recommend it to anybody who likes a fast paced, interesting read.

~ my comment


Lovely Read for a Rainy Day

I bought this book for my Kindle, thinking I’d downloaded a lovely read for a rainy day. The title — and even the cover — imply simplicity, peace, and relaxation. And yes, “A Familiar Rain” is all of those things. The delivery is mellow and graceful. I stretched out on the couch, rain coincidentally thumping on the skylight, and slipped into the lives of a University professor, his colleagues, and his students — a world far away from that of the old soldiers and adventurers whose books I usually read and edit.

However, aside from Alex’s romance with Laura–and the tragedy that befalls them — even aside from the politics and quarrels inherent in the cloistered University culture, there are deep questions that I pondered for days after finishing this book. They crept up on me even while I was enjoying the romance and I realized that this was what the author intended. And then, I was amused to realize that these thoughts were FAMILIAR.

“A Familiar Rain” left me thinking about resilience and longing and complexity of the human emotions–and wondering if other creatures grieve with the same intensity.

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~ Joyce Faulkner — Author of Losing Patience, The Complete Writer & In the Shadow of Suribachi


Thought provoking!

If you like Jack Finney’s Time and Again you will love this book. It’s nostalgic and lyrical, a time travel romance that’s smart, plausible and fast moving. The characters are likable and stay with you after you’ve finished the book. A very enjoyable and thought provoking novel.

~ J. Paul


Good read

I liked the blend of sci-fi and romance. I would highly recommend this title to anyone looking for a good read on their kindle.

~ P. Shales



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