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A lovely read

“…this is a walk back in time, a trip to another culture and a marvelous old fashioned love story … beautifully wrought like the jewels inside”

~Diane Howard


A wonderful story.

The author did a terrific job creating and breathing life into his characters. Being a believe of miracles, soul mates and spirits that walk among us, this novel filled the bill for me. Kudos to you, Mr. Geddes for a truly entertaining read!

~ J. Kaye Smith


Took this book on vacation with me and I absolutely loved it. Rich character and location descriptions. I felt as if I had become a participant in the story not just a reader. Characters strong, funny and endearing. Best of all……the conclusion to this sweet, wonderful story was as it should have been. I smiled to myself and and whispered “of course”….I would have smoked a cigarette at that point….but I don’t smoke!!!! You get my point. Simply wonderful read.

~ Patsy Miller


5 Star love story

This novel is beautifully written. The author has an expert command of language. The plot involves a true love story and not a steamy romance. For readers with a Christian background the title is fulfilled. There is a sudden awakening and joyful recognition of the Divine. I recommend adding Christian Romance to its genre for readers who are seeking novels with underlying meanings.



A Sweet, light book

I was prompted to read this book, following the author’s amazing quotes on Twitter. So more power to social platform. That apart, the book is light, sweet and pink in the texture of the theme which flows through it. It is a romantic novel, narrating a love story between Bethany, an aspiring veterinary student and freshly divorced, rich Griff…. This a good story, nevertheless, which doesn’t tire your senses, and leaves you floating in a feel-good world full of charm and love.

~ saket



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